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vintage spinner baseball - Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball - Cadaco, 1942
dice baseball board game - Strat-O-Matic Baseball - Strat-O-Matic, 1984
"A place for all of us screwballs who collect and play vintage tabletop baseball games"

antique baseball game - Base Ball - J H Singer, 1886

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baseball simulation - Pursue the Pennant - Design Depot, 1989

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antique baseball game - Parlor Base Ball - American Parlor Base Ball, 1903

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Curious about that old baseball board game you found in the attic? Interested in that antique baseball card game you saw at the flea market? Perhaps you can already be counted among the few knowledgeable hobbyists involved in collecting vintage baseball games -- or maybe you're a vendor looking for information on a rare old game you'd like to sell -- or you're a serious antiquarian or historian trying to research some long-defunct manufacturer of toys and games -- or you're a gamer wondering about the play value of a particular out-of-print tabletop baseball sim... You've come to the right place! BASEBALL GAMES is the premiere source for every sort of information on every tabletop baseball game ever produced -- from evergreen classics like APBA, Strat-O-Matic, Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball, SherCo Baseball, Statis Pro, and Dynasty League to the most obscure 19th-century rarities, from play mechanics and company histories to parts, pricing, and tips on game repair, BASEBALL GAMES covers all the bases. Our main focus is on antique and vintage baseball board games and card games produced from the 1860s to 1970s -- researching, collecting, and playing them -- but any baseball-themed game ever made is, er, on the table. Dice games, card games, spinner games, dart games, bagatelles and pinball, action, electrical, and mechanical games, dexterity games, trivia games, coin-ops, and toys -- no matter how old or obscure, how simple or complex -- the more ancient, more rare, more unusual, the better! Amateur and folk-game versions of tabletop baseball are of interest too! Here at BASEBALL GAMES you'll find an indispensible LIST OF GAMES made since the first versions of tabletop baseball were patented in 1868, ARTICLES relating both to tabletop baseball and to baseball history in general (more to come!), and LINKS to on-line sources for specific games, to information on baseball history, and to dealers of vintage games, sports memorabilia, and other antiques. Are you looking for the missing rules or parts for a vintage baseball game? Confused about a game's history? Looking for advice on how to repair damage to an antique game? Wondering about market values? Made a fascinating discovery? Want to brag about your collection, discuss an obscure favorite, or talk about your tabletop league? The BASEBALL GAMES FORUM is the place to visit. On-line since March 2004, the Forum, in addition to the discussion board, features a searchable archive of every message ever posted there, plus extensive photo galleries of games and game-related material, interviews with the designers and inventors of many famous tabletop baseball games, articles on rules variations and game repair methods, auction reports, reviews of new and current games, and more! Please read our FORUM POLICY first, then feel free to sign in, ask your questions, share your information, and add your opinions. Experts and novices are equally welcome. Just click on the FORUM link to join up!

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  incompetence, arrogance, and willful destruction  
  of all Yahoo Groups during the autumn of 2013.  
  The new Baseball Games forum is a work in progress,  
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vintage baseball game - Baseball - Milton Bradley, 1941

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tabletop baseball game - APBA - APBA, 1970s

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antique baseball game - Peg Base Ball - Parker Brothers, 1908

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vintage baseball game - Electric Baseball by Jim Prentice - Electric Game Co, c1940 -- antique dice baseball game - Diceball - Ray-Fair, 1937 -- tabletop baseball game - All-Pro Baseball - Ideal, 1969

vintage baseball game - Swat Baseball - Milton Bradley, 1948 -- baseball simulation - Major League Baseball - Negamco, 1960s -- baseball boardgame - Big League Baseball - Saalfield, 1959

vintage baseball game - Foto-Electric Baseball - Cadaco, 1949 -- electronic baseball game - Head-to-Head Baseball - Coleco, 1978 -- tabletop baseball - Home Team Baseball Game - Selchow & Righter, 1957

baseball board game - Big League Baseball - 3M, 1966 -- vintage tabletop baseball - Baseball Game - Parker Brothers, 1950 -- baseball board game - Real-Action Baseball - Real-Action Games, 1966

tabletop baseball game - All-Star Baseball - Cadaco, 1968 -- baseball boardgame - Baseball Strategy - Avalon Hill, 1962 -- baseball simulation - Strat-O-Matic - Strat-O-Matic, 1998

vintage tabletop baseball - Jim Prentice Electric Baseball - Electric Game Co, 1940s -- antique baseball game - Psychic Baseball - Parker Brothers, 1935 -- baseball board game - Gotcha! - Calida, 1968

antique baseball boardgame - Big League Baseball, the National Game - Whitman, 1939 -- antique baseball game - Hustler Baseball, the Great American Game - Hustler Toy, 1925 -- baseball board game - Pennant Race - Negamco, 1967


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