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  A Brief History of Tabletop Baseball    
  "Brief" by our long-winded standards, anyway -- but informative reading, 
   perhaps, for anyone new to the hobby, illustrated with dozens of photos, 
   and lightly seasoned with a few tips for vendors as well as collectors.  

  Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball by Cadaco 
  A short intro to the game and its history, featuring photos of most of 
   the many editions from 1941 to 2004, and the gateway to the forum 
   for ASB aficionados.  

  The Parlor Base Ball Games of McLoughlin Brothers 
  Game of Base-ball, Home Base Ball Game, The World's Game of Base Ball, 
   The Diamond Game of Base Ball, Zimmer's Own Base Ball Game, and 
   everything else we could dig up in order to show and tell the entire history of 
   the fabled McLoughlin Bros. Inc. and their line of base ball amusements.  

  Jim Prentice Electric Baseball 
  The story, as best as we can tell, of Jim Prentice, The Electric Game Company,   
   and the befuddling array of Electric Baseball versions and varieties 
   produced over the course of more than thirty years.  

  Manage Your Own Team:  baseball games by Warren Paper 
  A look at a quarter-century of tabletop baseball games made by 
   Warren Paper Products, featuring photos of every edition -- Manage 
   Your Own Team, Baseball Card Game, Sport-O-Rama, and more.  
  Fan Craze:  The Mystery of Billy Owen  
  Our investigation into the true identity of the "phantom player" labelled "Billy Owen" 
   in the 1906 Fan Craze card game.  Play along with us as we solve the mystery... 

  Baseball Game Advertising 
  No, not our classifieds section -- instead, a retrospective of 
   print advertisements and promotional ephemera for tabletop baseball games, 
   toys, and practise devices of the past, featuring ads for things from 
   every decade since the 1880s.  

  Dice baseball 
  The traditional homemade game -- where it came from, and 
   the many different versions that have been and still are played.  
   Learn it... teach it... play it! 
   Plus, a bonus incoherent rant about the loss of family tradition!  

  Reprints, reproductions, fakes, fantasy pieces, and outright fraud 
   in the vintage games hobby -- rare, but unfortunately not unheard of.  
   An overview of what's been seen and what to look out for...  
   don't fall for a phony!  
  Negro League baseball in Buffalo 
  An extensive interview with Negro League star Jimmy Wilkes by the Buffalo News, 
   looking back on the days when the Indianapolis Clowns and a young Hank Aaron 
   called Buffalo's Offermann Stadium home.  Also:  a scrapbook of Negro League 
   clippings from 1952 and 1953 issues of the venerable African-American weekly, 
   the Buffalo Criterion.  

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  Home Run King:  Japanese handheld pinball games   

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