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  * Games -- Baseball   Sites and pages specific to tabletop baseball  

   Baseball Games 
    Our short list of barely 1,000 game titles -- just a brief sample of what we cover here. 

   Baseball Games Forum  Our own engaging discussion group -- news, comments, questions, answers -- 
    just sign-in for free!  Message archives, photo galleries, interviews with designers/inventors of tabletop baseball, 
    tips on game repair, and plenty more!  
     Forum Policy:  https://baseballgames.dreamhosters.com/Forumpolicy.htm 
     Forum: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/baseballgames/ 

   A Brief History of Tabletop Baseball 
    Our quick overview of 150 years of genius, inanity, artistry, and fun.  

    Our investigation into reprints, reproductions, fakes, frauds, and fantasy pieces in the vintage tabletop baseball 
     hobby.  Don't be a sucker -- know how to tell the real thing from knock-offs and deceptive fabrications!  

   Baseball Games Advertisements 
    Not our classifieds section -- our gallery of print advertising for tabletop baseball games 
     and related items, featuring ads for things from every decade since the 1880s.  

   Cadaco All-Star Baseball 
    Our own little primer on the evolution and varieties of the classic spinner game, 
     featuring a brief bio of Ethan Allen, a short history of Cadaco-Ellis, and lots of box lids.  

   Dice Baseball 
    The traditional homemade game -- where it came from, and the many different versions that have been and 
     still are played.  Learn it... teach it... play it!  Plus, a bonus incoherent rant about the loss of family tradition! 

   Electronic Baseball 
    An annotated pictorial survey of handheld electronic baseball games -- one of four baseball blogs 
     with delighfully snarky commentary from "just another elated World Champion Chicago Cubs fan."  

   Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball -- Cadaco All-Star Baseball discussion group  
    Discussion group for fans and collectors of Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball by Cadaco. 
    Busy, friendly, informative. Several versions of discmakers are available for free download! 
    (Please ask the creators of the discmaker programs for permission if you intend to use them 
     to produce discs for sale.) 
      homepage:  https://baseballgames.dreamhosters.com/CadacoASB.htm  
      forum:  https://groups.io/g/CadacoAllStarBaseball  

   Jim Prentice Electric Baseball 
    Our illustrated history of the confounding variety of baseball games made by The Electric Game Company, 
    with a little background on Mr Prentice himself.  

   Manage Your Own Team  
    Our annotated pictorial history of the tabletop baseball games made by Warren Paper Products.  

   The Mystery of Billy Owen 
    Chronicling our search for the true identity of the "fictitious" player in the 1906 Fan Craze set.  

   The Parlor Base Ball Games of McLoughlin Brothers  
    Our "master's thesis" detailing the baffling variety of baseball-related games and ephemera 
     turned out by the 19th-century game and toy giants.  

   Sherco Baseball 
    Home to fifty years of Sherco Baseball history -- and brand-new editions of the game, 
     redeveloped by Sherco creator Steve LeShay and baseball boardgame mastermind Brien Martin.   

   StatisPro Baseball 
    Rick Queary's excellent site/blog on everything and anything in the world of SP. 

* Games -- Research / History Sites focussed on the study of games in general AGPI Home Page Association for Games & Puzzles International website (formerly American Game Collectors Association). Deep with essays, info, and advice on all sorts of games. http://www.gamesandpuzzles.org/index.php Also: The International Games Database http://www.gamecatalog.org The Big Game Hunter Bruce Whitehill's humungous site, covering every aspect of board games and game collecting. http://www.thebiggamehunter.com/ The Game Makers "The Story of Parker Brothers from Tiddledy Winks to Trivial Pursuit," by former Parkers R&D exec Phil Orbanes. https://openlibrary.org/books/OL8854542M/The_Game_Makers
* Games -- Dealers Vendors specializing in vintage games Game Oracle eBay store -- certified a Nice Guy by the Baseballgames office. https://www.ebay.com/usr/gameoracle3nq2 Jeff Lowe's extravaGAMEza Now eBay only -- still endorsed by Baseballgames with our highest Nice Guy certification. http://stores.ebay.com/extravaGAMEza Oldtime Games New handmade replicas of Munro's 1940s National 9-Man Baseball and other classic big wooden action sports games. http://www.peterreynolds.ca/games/baseballx.html Raggames eBay store -- Nice Guys, as certified by the Baseballgames front office. https://www.ebay.com/usr/raggames The Sporting Addiction / battsandmitts eBay store / vendor gets the Baseballgames Stamp of Approval as official Nice Guy. The-Sporting-Addiction / battsandmitts Winning Moves Games "Classic, retro, cool & fun" -- new editions of classic board games and more. https://www.winning-moves.com/
* Games -- Multi-purpose sites Sites with a wide range of game-related features Gamers Alliance "The international gaming network of game players and professionals. Our interests span all varieties of play and, since 1986, we have been alerting our worldwide membership to the newest and best games on the market today through our quarterly publication: Gamers Alliance Report! And there's more - including the largest selection of out-of-print games in the world!" Also features Steve Kurzban's contoversial five-part series "Baseball On the Table-Top." https://www.gamersalliance.com/ https://gamersalliance.com/must-see-resources/ One for Five Paul Dylan's excellent blog on all tabletop sports, with special attention to new and current replay sims. http://www.oneforfive.com/ Tabletop-Sports Jeff Downey's gigundous site for sports sims of all kinds -- forums, fotos, articles, and more. https://www.tabletop-sports.com/forum/index.php
* Baseball / Games -- Multi-purpose sites Sites covering both "real" and tabletop baseball [ No sites currently available ]
* Baseball -- Research / History Facts, stats, and analysis on real baseball Baseball Reference Complete stats 1871-present for all major league players, teams, and leagues. https://www.baseball-reference.com/ Baseball Researcher Hall of Fame Curator Tom Shieber's magnificent baseball-photo-research blog. http://baseballresearcher.blogspot.com/ Buffalo Bisons History From the legendary Joe Overfield's The 100 Seasons of Buffalo Baseball -- the excerpts are choppy, but there's enough here (plus 23 years' worth of sequels) to recap the whole story of the Diamond Herd since 1884, featuring the original major league Bisons as well as the Pan-Ams, Buf-Feds, Blues, and Hibernians, from Olympic Park to Offermann Stadium to the Rockpile to Pilot Field / Coca-Cola Field, with a line-up of memorable Queen City players and executives including Dan Brouthers, Pud Galvin, Hoss Radbourn, Orator Jim O'Rourke, Hugh Daily, Will and Deacon White, Hardy Richardson, Frank Grant, Connie Mack, Jimmy Collins, Dummy Hoy, Billy Bottenus, Chick Stahl, Chummy Gray, "the Redheaded Outfield," Marse Joe McCarthy, George Stallings, Rube Kisinger, Billy Milligan, Jimmy Murray, Wally Schang, Herb Pennock, Hooks Wiltse, Hal Chase, Benny Bengough, Flash Gilhooley, Fred Beebe, Billy Clymer, Jimmy Walsh, Billy Kelly, Del Bissonette, Greg Mulleavy, Ollie Carnegie, Ray Schalk, Len Koenecke, Beauty McGowan, Lou Boudreau, Rip Sewell, Fred Hutchinson, Virgil Trucks, Shovels Kobesky, Coaker Triplett, Chet Laabs, Billy Pierce, Frank Carswell, Luke Easter, Don Labbruzzo, Mike Baxes, Pancho Herrera, Bill Mazer, Kerby Farrell, Babe Birrer, Pumpsie Green, Phil Soisson, Johnny Bench, Lee May, Hal McRae, Brant Alyea, Jimmy Griffin, Rick Lancelotti, Bob Rich jr, The Natural, Joe DeSa, Tom Prince, Pete Weber, Dorn Taylor, Rick Reed, Brian Giles, Jeff Manto, Jhonny Peralta, Coco Crisp, and many more. Dangit, these scintillating pages have recently been removed from the Bison website -- but hang tight, we've saved all the content, and will be reposting all of it on our own server soon... Dodgers Blue Heaven An incredibly prolific blog concerning all things Dodgers, plus baseball cards, links, and more. http://www.dodgersblueheaven.com/ National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum "Preserving history, honoring excellence, connecting generations" -- the National Pastime's shrine in Cooperstown http://baseballhall.org/ play 19th-century games from the Hall's collection here: http://exhibits.baseballhalloffame.org/games/ Negro Leagues in Buffalo Our own page, cribbed from the local rag, on Buffalo's Negro League history -- Jimmy Wilkes, Henry Aaron, the Indianapolis Clowns, Offermann Stadium, Cy Williams... plus a scrapbook of 1950s clippings from the Buffalo Criterion. http://baseballgames.dreamhosters.com/NegroLeaguesBuffalo.htm Offermann Stadium in Buffalo - "Hitters Welcome, Pitchers Beware" Joe Overfield's SABR essay on the most astounding offensive feats achieved in the fine old park. http://research.sabr.org/journals/offerman-stadium Retrosheet Pitch-by-pitch, play-by-play, game-by-game -- plus their own RetroList forum and The Strange and Unusual. https://www.retrosheet.org/ RetroList: https://groups.io/g/RetroList Uni Watch -- "The Obsessive Study of Athletics Aesthetics" Paul Lukas' exhaustive and endlessly entertaining examination of uniform design, both current and vintage, in baseball and every other sport under the sun. https://uni-watch.com/
* Baseball -- Links [ No sites currently available ]
* Antiques & Collectibles Everything else old and cool that's not actually a tabletop baseball game Antiquers Busy, friendly forum for questions, answers, and convivial banter on every sort of antique. https://www.antiquers.com/ Old Cardboard "Your Information Resource for Vintage Baseball Cards" -- cataloguing and picturing every popular and obscure set from the 1880s to the 1960s, with price guide, links, and more. http://www.oldcardboard.com/ Pre-War Cards Terrific resource featuring strongly researched, well-written articles on pre-1940 cards, baseball and otherwise. https://prewarcards.com/
* Dealers & Vendors -- Antiques, Toys, & Memorabilia Gasoline Alley Antiques Thousands of vintage and collectible toys and sports memorabilia items -- updated daily! homepage: http://www.gasolinealleyantiques.com/ links: http://www.gasolinealleyantiques.com/links.htm River Street Antiques eBay store -- full range of antiques and collectibles, heavy on ephemera and outstanding personalized service -- certified here as Nice Guys. https://www.ebay.com/str/riverstreetantiques Sports Memorabilia Database New, vast, growing, searchable database of all manner of MLB-certified memorabilia. links: http://www.sportsmemorabiliadb.com/memorabilia ToyTent Antique and collectible toys, games, robots, poster art, and cool sci-fi stuff. https://www.toytent.com/index.html Toyz etc "All the stuff your mom threw away" -- vintage toys, toy company histories, sci-fi stuff, eBay auctions, and links. http://www.toyzetc.com/index.htm
* Search / Directories Free directories large and small, some (#) requiring they first get a link here. Arts on the Web: Antique Toys Among a vast directory of sites, a page of links to antique games and toys, collectibles, vendors, and museums. https://zeroland.co.nz/visual-arts/applied-arts/toys/ Link Referral Link-exchange clearinghouse with site analytics and visitor reviews http://www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl http://www.linkreferral.com/dirlist.pl?keyphrase=Baseball+Games Small business web directory by category and pages Get listed under antique games category. http://www.onlinebizdirectory.com/games/antique_games.html
* Other Stuff We Like Not games, not baseball, just worthy stuff we like and recommend. ASPCA Join the fight against cruelty to animals. Every donation helps. And take one home. Look into those eyes. It's said that you can't buy friendship, but we bought our best friends there. https://www.aspca.org/ Daily KOS Smart articles and opinions on the handbasket the world's riding in. Sign in and join the conversation. https://www.dailykos.com/ The Humane Society of the United States The nationís largest and most effective animal protection and advocacy organization, providing hands-on care and services to more than 100,000 animals each year, and seeking a humane world for people and animals alike. HSUS: https://www.humanesociety.org/ Humane Society International: https://www.hsi.org/ Internet Archive Wayback Machine Monumental, invaluable, indispensible repository of digital data. https://archive.org/web/web.php Baseball Games, August 2009 Baseball Games Forum, October 2015 MSNBC Get real. Maddow, Melber, O'Donnell, and more with the fact-based antidote to faux news liars and nut-jobs. http://www.msnbc.com/ Niagara Frontier Heritage Project Headquarters for a marvellous multi-media look at the people and events that shaped, and define, the character and conciousness of our fascinating little corner of the world: Buffalo, Western New York, and Southern Ontario. Tales of heroism and heartbreak, disaster and resilience, including the War of 1812, the Erie Canal, Love Canal, the Underground Railroad, the Pan-American Exposition, the Blizzard of '77, Father Hennepin, Mary Jemison, Joseph Dart, Charles Burchfield, Joyce Carol Oates, Nicola Tesla, Wilson Greatbatch, Lucille Ball, Cookie Gilchrist, Frank Lloyd Wright, Harold Arlen, Rick James, and many more to come in this new series presented on our local NPR station and their website. Niagara Frontier Heritage Project here: https://www.facebook.com/niagarafrontierheritage/ Audio vignettes and the rest of the story (click on headlines or photos for full articles) here: https://news.wbfo.org/term/heritage-moments#stream/0 The Onion "America's Leading News Source." Well, no -- no, it isn't. But it probably should be. Laugh through the agony. https://www.theonion.com/ Secret Fun Spot A virtual funhouse of weird and cheezy baby-boomer nostalgia compiled by author Kirk Demarais. Flash animation may be too primitive for some browsers. So try another. Well worth the visit. http://www.secretfunspot.com/ Shorpy Vintage photo blog featuring thousands of high-definition images from the 1850s to the 1950s. "Always something interesting" indeed -- you could get lost in there. You could, but it's fully searchable. Or just wander around at random. Images of the grandiose, the mundane, the bizarre, the no-longer-there. https://www.shorpy.com/
* Probationary Links Sites promising a link or listing in exchange for a link here. Yeah, we'll just see... If they deliver soon, we'll move their link to the appropriate category above. Four-flushers will be publicly flogged in our Links Hall of Shame. We know not everyone provides a 24-hour turnaround like we do, but if somebody demands a pre-link, a month is way more than enough time to reciprocate. Tick, tock, tick, tock... March 2020: No one's currently in the queue. Heads on pikes are displayed below.
* Links Hall of Shame Sites that demand a link before they'll reciprocate with a link or listing -- and then refuse to deliver on their promise. If they can't even manage a simple links exchange with a bare minimum of honesty, courtesy, and efficiency, what can you trust them to do well? Every one of the sites listed below ripped us off for at least two months of free advertising here without ever reciprocating. Shun the following: Add Your URL Directory [ www.addyoururl.org ] -- inducted 14 January 2009 Antique Collectibles Directory [ www.antiquecollectiblestore.com ] -- inducted 9 February 2009 Arakne-Links Directory [ www.arakne-links.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 BaseballGuru [ baseballguru.com/ ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Cliky Directory [ www.cliky.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 The Collecting Network [ www.collectingnetwork.com/ ] -- inducted 23 February 2010 Deep Link Directory [ www.addurllisting.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Directory Bin [ www.directorybin.com/Collectibles/ ] -- inducted 10 December 2008 Directory of Links [ www.directory-of-links.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Directory of Websites [ www.directoryws.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Directory Vault [ www.directoryvault.com/Collectibles/ ] -- inducted 10 December 2008 Directory Y [ www.directoryy.com/ ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 DirectSwift [ www.directswift.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Epic Directory [ www.epicdirectory.com/ ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 1st-in-games.com [ www.1st-in-games.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 The Games and Toys Directory [ www.gamesandtoys.biz ] -- inducted March 2020 InfoListings Directory [ www.info-listings.com/ ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Interectory - The Internet Directory [ www.interectory.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 The Games Hub [ www.the-games-hub.com/resources/ ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Live Link Directory [ www.livelinkdirectory.com/Recreation/Collecting/ ] -- inducted 10 December 2008 Speedy Directory [ www.speedydirectory.com ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Tranix.Net [ www.tranix.net/ ] -- inducted 9 February 2009 Transworld Games [ www.transworldgames.com/ ] -- inducted 23 February 2010 Time Machine Toys & Collectibles [ www.timemachinetoys.com/ ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 Who Wants Links [ www.whowantslinks.com/ ] -- inducted 6 January 2009 WorldIndexSite [ www.worldindexsite.com ] -- inducted 16 February 2009

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